Hello there, I am Ege. I am a senior undergraduate studying Computer Engineering and Mathematics at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey. I’m mainly interested in data privacy & security, cryptography, and machine learning. I also enjoy studying theoretical CS, and doing web development.

I am currently a research intern at the Cryptography, Security, and Privacy Research Group at Koç University, working on various projects related to data privacy in collaborative machine learning (more about them here and here). I am also working on Zelig, a customizable blockchain simulator, presented at SRDS 2021.

You can reach out to me by email at ege[at]this-domain, or find me in these places: Twitter, GitHub, Linkedin, Google Scholar, and Goodreads.



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    Quotes on various topics.

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    Writing well is important whatever your job is. This is a growing collection of writing advice I’ve collected from various sources.

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